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Siddaganga Mutt

Sri Siddaganga Mutt is a sacred and service center which is a line of hope for poor and orfan childrens as this mutt is  providing Education with free Hostel facility to them, Education is provided rite from formal Education to degree and also  professional cources like Medicine and Engineering is being provided to about 5,500 students. Good discipline and principles are imbibed in to these students , every morning and  evening each and every student of the mutt assemble in prayer ground  to offer  their prayer. Historical back ground of Mutt says that this mutt was found by Sree Gosala Siddeshwara.it has rich social and cultural heritagre.

This is one of such place which is not only a ethical place but also such a place  which  has imbibed,  preached and followed the importance of Knowledge, Science and Technology.

Mutt is on Bangalore-Puna highway about 6Km from Tumkur  and about  65Km from Bangalore.

This Mutt was largely expanded and saw its extensive growth  during  Dr.  Sree Sree Shivakumara swamiji's period.


Devarayana Durga :

Devarayana dhurga Known as DD hills  with thick forest and mountain is about 15Km from Tumkur, is known to be center for army to  Vijayanagar kingdom. This place was named as Devarayana Durga in 1696 when it was under the control of  Mysore's Chikkadevaraja wodayar before which it was known as Anebiddajari, Jatakana Durga,Kari Giri.at the tip of mountain there is Kumbi on which there is "YogaLakshmiNarasimha" temple and on maountain there is "BhogaLakshmiNarasimha" Temple. there are Pushkarnies called Narasimha thirtha , Parashara thirha and Padha thirtha.    



On South Kunigal Road of Tumkur at about 6 Km there is Chenna keshava temple whic is of Hoysala's period it is said that Idol of Sri Chenna Keshava is carved by famous architect Sri  Jakanachari and his son Sri Dankanachari


Rocky Hillock, Madhugiri

Madugiri in Tumkur dt, 43 km from Tumkur, is famous for its massive hill fort. Its ancient name is Maddagiri and it has temples of Venkataramana and Malleshwara built by Vijayanagara feudatories. There is also a Mallinatha basadi. Rani Virammaji of Keladi was held captive here by Haider Ali and later, Marathas released her, but she died on her way to Pune. The fort has majestic gateways called Antaralada Bagilu, Diddibagilu, Mysore Gate etc. Midigeshi 19 km from here is another tall hill fort of importance in Medieval times.



Yediyur in Tumkur district (Kunigal taluk) has the samadhi (matha) of Tontada Siddhalingeshwara Yati, a famous Veerashaiva saint who lived during the 16th century. The place is 30 km. away from Kunigal, Pilgrims who visit the place in hundreds daily are fed free, and there are rest houses for them. The Matha has a fine wooden chariot (ratha) with some interesting sculptures. The place has a Varadaraja temple and two Veerashaiva Mathas. The Matha’s building has some old paintings on walls.



Tumkur district a taluk headquarters is 52 km. from Tumkur. The town called Siriya was founded by Rangappa Nayaka of Ratnagiri, a feudatory of Vijayanagara. It was conquered by the Mughuls in 1686 and they raised a beautiful garden called Khan Bag. The Jumma masjid here is a fine monument built in 1896 and the Malik Rihan’s tomb is another impressive structure. The fort is still there in parts, was expanded by the Mughuls.

The Gopalakrishna temple here has no image, and it is said to be housed in the Narayana temple. The place was the centre of a Mughul Fauzdari and Kasim Khan was the first fauzdar. Haider secured it as a gift later. Seebi, 24 km. to the south of Slra was known earlier as Sibburu and there is a Narasimhaswamy temple built during the 18th century by Nallappa an officer under Haider Ali. Nallappa has written ‘Haider-naame’ in Kannada. The temple is profusely decorated with mural paintings depicting the themes of Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Dashavatara. There are many secular themes including erotic figures in good number.



is a place in Tumkur dt., six km. from Banasandra railway station where there is a famous Kalleshwara temple in the Ganga-Nolamba style of the 9th century A.D. Its ceiling has wonderful dancing Shiva sculpture with musical accompanists and eight Dikpalas surrounding him with all their paraphernalia.

There is a Chennakeshava temple of the Hoysala style. The image of Vishnu in the garbhagriha is magnificent. There are four Ganga temples at the place.

Ammani  Kere

Is one of the well Known lakes in Tumkur which is likely to be handed over
to Lake Development authority to convert in to Recreational Area.


Goravanahalli MahaLakshmi Temple

about 30Km from Tumkur in Koratagere taluk there is a famous Lakshmi Temple whose idol is said to be self originated , there will be special poojas which will be performed on fridays.  


Namadha Chilume

Is one of the historical place which has a small Streak of water flowing, it is said that this streak of water is  flowing from Threthra yuga it is said in history that during Rama - sitha vanavasa, Sitha was thirsty to quench her thirst Rama aimed a arrow to a Rock from which water splurged out since than this spring of water has never got dried up even during worst droughts.Source from which this water is flowing is unknown till  today.it has thick forest and beautiful Deer Safari which is quite amusing. It has beautiful Travellers Bunglow which makes staying here more pleasant.This place is 62Km to 65Km from Bangalore.8km from Tumkur

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